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Unleashing Innovation: DSKILLS@EA Innovators Sprint Up Programme 2024




Exciting news! The 2024 Digital Skills for an Innovative East African Industry DSKILLS@EA Programme is currently accepting applications.

This program, titled “Digital Innovations for Business Resilience in the EAC – Innovators Sprint up Programme,” is a key initiative under the East African Community (EAC) project “Digital Skills for an Innovative East African Industry” DSKILLS@EA. Implemented by GIZ and IUCEA, this program spans across all EAC Partner States. Apply now before the deadline on May 31, 2024!

The deadline for applications is May 31, 2024.

Objectives of the Digital Skills for an Innovative East African Industry DSKILLS@EA Programme

The overarching goal of the DSKILLS@EA programme is to empower young innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs across the seven (7) EAC Partner States – Burundi, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, United Republic of Tanzania, and Uganda.

By equipping university students, recent graduates, and budding entrepreneurs with essential skills in innovation management and startup venture building, the programme aims to:

Enhance Capacities of Young Innovators

Strengthen the capacities of young innovators from each Partner State to establish sustainable business models, gain access to critical knowledge and tools needed to operate a startup venture, and scale up to growth and investment stages.

Facilitate Linkages to the Innovation Ecosystem

Facilitate connections between young innovators and the broader innovation ecosystem network, providing access to mentorship, coaching, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities to support their entrepreneurial journeys.

Develop Skills in Innovation Management and Startup Venture Building

Provide comprehensive training and skill development in innovation management and startup venture building, equipping participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to turn their ideas into successful, scalable businesses. By achieving these objectives, the DSKILLS@EA programme aspires to foster a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem across the East African Community, driving economic growth and innovation through the empowerment of young talent.

Target Countries

The countries targeted by the program include Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the program, individuals must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be an Early Stage Innovator
  • University Students and Recent Graduates
  • Aged between 18 and 35 years

Programme Components

The program comprises the following key components:

  • Tailored Needs Assessment
  • 8-Week Capacity Building Program
  • Entrepreneur Coaching and Mentorship
  • Regional Linkages to the Innovation Ecosystem
  • Cross-Border Policy Engagement

These components are designed to support and empower young innovators and entrepreneurs in the targeted countries, providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and connections to succeed in the dynamic landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Impact of the DSKILLS@EA Program on the East African Community

The expected impact of the DSKILLS@EA program on the East African Community includes:

  1. Strengthening Employment and Innovation Skills:
    • The program aims to enhance the digital skills of young people in all EAC Partner States, thereby strengthening their employment prospects and innovation capabilities.
  2. Fostering Collaboration and Innovation:
    • By providing training in innovation management and startup venture building, the program encourages collaboration and innovation among young innovators and entrepreneurs in the region.
  3. Enhancing Socio-Economic Development:
    • Through the development of digital skills and the promotion of entrepreneurship activities, the program contributes to socio-economic development within the East African Community.
  4. Improving Competitiveness and Productivity:
    • By equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge, the program helps enhance the competitiveness and productivity of businesses in the EAC, leading to economic growth and international competitiveness.

Overall, the DSKILLS@EA program is expected to have a positive impact on the East African Community by empowering young talent, fostering innovation, and driving economic development in the region.

How will the DSKILLS@EA Program Contribute to the Development of the Digital Economy in East Africa?

The DSKILLS@EA  program is expected to contribute significantly to the development of the digital economy in East Africa through the following ways:

  1. Enhancing Digital Skills: By improving the quality of practice-oriented programs and offering short courses tailored to industry needs, the program equips young professionals with the digital skills required to thrive in the digital economy.
  2. Promoting Entrepreneurship: The program supports entrepreneurship activities and innovation transfer, fostering the development of digital solutions and promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.
  3. Creating Linkages: Through collaboration with the industry and the establishment of a cooperation network of innovation hubs, the program facilitates connections between universities, young innovators, and the broader innovation ecosystem, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  4. Supporting Digital Innovation: By providing training, mentorship, and opportunities for young innovators to refine their digital ideas and business models, the program nurtures digital innovation and supports the implementation of innovative solutions in the digital economy.
  5. Building a Skilled Workforce: By strengthening employment and innovation-related digital skills, the program contributes to building a skilled workforce that is essential for driving the growth and competitiveness of the digital economy in East Africa.

Overall, the DSKILLS@EA program plays a crucial role in developing the digital economy in East Africa by empowering individuals with the necessary skills, fostering innovation, and creating a conducive environment for digital entrepreneurship and growth.

For more information on the Digital Skills for an Innovative East African Industry DSKILLS@EA Innovators Sprint up Programme 2024, please visit the official webpage at

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Fellowships and Internships

Jumpstart Your Career: Apply for the 2024 Procter & Gamble Internship Opportunities



Apply for the 2024 Procter & Gamble Internship Opportunities

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is offering exciting internship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students worldwide. This is an excellent chance for students to gain invaluable experience working with one of the leading multinational consumer goods companies.

Procter & Gamble Internship Overview

  • Host: Procter & Gamble
  • Category: Internships
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries
  • Rewards: Monthly Stipend, Training, Employment
  • Application Deadline: Not Specified

Internship Details

Procter & Gamble is seeking passionate and driven students who are eager to work in one of the largest dynamic consumer goods companies. This internship offers the opportunity to engage in various significant projects, from building global databases to handling multimillion-dollar marketing campaigns, providing a robust foundation before graduation.

Interns will benefit from personal experiences, coaching, and best-in-class learning platforms. You will work closely with exceptional managers dedicated to your development and growth, offering constructive feedback to enhance your skills.

Internship Requirements

To be eligible for the P&G internship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • No specific subject of study or previous experience is required.
  • Completion of at least 3 semesters of an undergraduate program.
  • Graduated students and those enrolled in a master’s degree program are also eligible.
  • Good English communication skills.
  • Creativity and problem-solving abilities.
  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities.
  • Strong communication skills, assertiveness, and teamwork.

Duration and Rewards

  • Interns receive competitive pay.
  • The program duration ranges from six weeks to 12 months.
  • Internships are available worldwide.
  • P&G is recognized as one of the world’s most attractive employers for students.
  • Approximately 500 new interns join P&G annually.

How To Apply for the Procter and Gamble Internship

  1. Visit the P&G Career Webpage: Click on the link below to access the P&G career page.
  2. Explore Opportunities: Browse through the available internship opportunities.
  3. Apply: Submit your application for the desired internship position.
  4. Selection: Selected candidates will be contacted via email.

Click Here to Apply

Seize this opportunity to kickstart your career with Procter & Gamble, gain practical experience, and work alongside industry leaders in a dynamic and supportive environment.

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Fellowships and Internships

Join the Fully Funded TechnoServe Fellows Program: Transform Lives and Communities



Join the Fully Funded TechnoServe Fellows Program

TechnoServe is currently accepting applications for its Fellows Program, a fully funded initiative that offers a unique opportunity to work on field-based projects across the globe. This program is designed for individuals who are passionate about creating sustainable economic opportunities and who want to make a tangible difference in developing communities.

About TechnoServe

TechnoServe is a leading nonprofit organization that has been empowering people in the developing world to build businesses that break the cycle of poverty. By connecting enterprising individuals with information, capital, and markets, TechnoServe helps them to create lasting prosperity for their families and communities. The organization operates in over 30 countries and has a robust network of field workers, industry experts, and entrepreneurs.

The TechnoServe Fellows Program

The TechnoServe Fellows Program is an exciting opportunity for professionals to engage directly with TechnoServe’s mission. Fellows work on impactful projects that last from three to twelve months, collaborating closely with field workers, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders. These projects span various sectors and regions, providing a rich and diverse experience.

Key Responsibilities

While no two projects are exactly alike, common duties for Fellows include:

  1. Evaluating and Locating Market, Value Chain, and Industry Opportunities: Fellows conduct comprehensive analyses to identify potential areas for economic growth and development. This involves market research, value chain assessments, and industry evaluations to pinpoint opportunities that can drive significant impact.
  2. Developing Financial and Commercial Plans: Working closely with TechnoServe clients, Fellows help to create robust financial and business strategies. This includes crafting business plans, financial models, and commercial strategies that enable clients to scale their operations sustainably.
  3. Enhancing Organizational Capabilities: Fellows support TechnoServe clients in improving their organizational processes and operational efficiency. This might involve process optimization, capacity building, and implementing best practices in management and operations.
  4. Creating Innovative Concepts and Projects: Fellows are encouraged to bring their creativity and innovation to the table, developing new concepts and projects that align with TechnoServe’s mission and goals. This can include pilot projects, new business models, or innovative approaches to problem-solving.
  5. Assessing Program Impact: Evaluating the effectiveness and impact of TechnoServe’s initiatives is crucial. Fellows are often tasked with designing and conducting impact assessments, gathering data, and analyzing results to measure the success of various programs and identify areas for improvement.

Program Benefits

The TechnoServe Fellows Program offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Fully Funded Travel Costs: All travel expenses are covered, allowing Fellows to focus entirely on their projects without financial burden.
  • Professional Growth: Fellows gain invaluable experience working on real-world projects, enhancing their professional skills and knowledge.
  • Global Alumni Network: Joining the Fellows Program connects you to a global network of professionals from diverse industries and organizations, providing ample opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the TechnoServe Fellows Program, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Educational Background: Applicants must have successfully completed a four-year undergraduate program at an accredited institution.
  • Professional Experience: A minimum of two to three years of full-time professional work experience is required.
  • Availability: Candidates must be available to volunteer on the ground for at least ten weeks.
  • Language Skills: While not mandatory, proficiency in French and/or Portuguese is highly desirable and can enhance your application.

Application Process

Applications for the TechnoServe Fellows Program are reviewed on a rolling basis for the general applicant database. Therefore, it is advisable to apply as soon as possible to increase your chances of selection. Qualified and motivated candidates are encouraged to apply, particularly those who meet the language proficiency criteria.

Eligible Countries

The TechnoServe Fellows Program is open to applicants from all countries, reflecting the organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Don’t Miss Out

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop new skills, contribute to meaningful projects, and connect with professionals from various industries and organizations. If you are ready to make a difference and embark on a life-changing experience, don’t miss out on the application deadline.

For more information and to apply, visit the official TechnoServe Fellows Program page.

Start your journey with TechnoServe today and be a part of creating sustainable economic opportunities in the developing world.

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Fellowships and Internships

High-Paying EU Internship Opportunity with eu-LISA: Earn Up to €2,200 Monthly in 2024



High-Paying EU Internship Opportunity with eu-LISA: Earn Up to €2,200 Monthly in 2024

Explore an exciting internship opportunity with (eu-LISA), the European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems. Located in Strasbourg, Tallinn, and Brussels, this program is tailored for students and graduates from EU Member States or Schengen Associated Countries. The internship offers a monthly grant and valuable work experience in various corporate functions.

Benefits and Salary

Interns will receive a monthly grant based on their place of assignment:

  • Tallinn, Estonia: €1,815.66
  • Brussels, Belgium: €1,835.85
  • Strasbourg, France: €2,193.84

In addition, interns may be eligible for travel expense reimbursement and are entitled to annual leave and public holidays.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, candidates must:

  • Be from an EU Member State or Schengen Associated Country.
  • Have completed at least three years of higher education (Bachelor’s degree or equivalent).
  • Be proficient in English (minimum C1 level).
  • Have insurance coverage for illness or accident.

Internship Areas

Internships are available in various profiles, including:

  • Data Protection (Strasbourg)
  • Legal (Tallinn)
  • Security Policy and Coordination (Tallinn)
  • Governance and Stakeholder Management (Tallinn)
  • Human Resources (Tallinn)
  • Research and Development (Tallinn)
  • Corporate Services (Tallinn)
  • Liaison Office (Brussels)
  • Communications (Tallinn)
  • Contract Management (Strasbourg)

Application Process

To apply, candidates must create an account on eu-LISA’s e-Recruitment tool, complete the required information, and submit their application by the deadline. The selection process includes eligibility checks, evaluation of professional experience, and potential interviews or written tests.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is June 27, 2024, at 11:59 am Strasbourg time / 12:59 pm Tallinn time.

For more information and to apply, visit the eu-LISA e-Recruitment portal or refer to the detailed internship announcement.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable experience and kick-start your career with eu-LISA!

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