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Invitation to Apply: Tony Elumelu Foundation Presents $3,000 Grant. Best Wishes!



Tony Elumelu Foundation

Are you a budding entrepreneur in Rwanda with a visionary business idea? The Tony Elumelu Foundation/UNDP Aguka Ideation Entrepreneurship Program awaits your application. We’re excited to announce the 2024 Aguka Ideation Entrepreneurship Program, This remarkable initiative offers young Rwandan innovators the opportunity to materialize their aspirations into tangible enterprises.

About the Program

The Aguka Ideation Entrepreneurship Program stands as a testament to collaboration between the Tony Elumelu Foundation, the United Nations Development Programme, the Rwandan Ministry of Youth and Arts, and the European Union. Together, their aim is crystal clear: to empower the youth of Rwanda, fostering them as the driving force behind the nation’s economic and social metamorphosis.Here’s a glimpse of what this program has in store for you
1. World-Class Business Management Training: Equip yourself with the indispensable skills and knowledge required to initiate and nurture your business venture.
2. Mentorship: Receive invaluable guidance and support from seasoned business professionals, steering you towards success.
3. Seed Funding: Access up to $3,000 in non-repayable capital to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

However, the advantages extend far beyond. The Aguka Entrepreneurship Program is dedicated to assisting you through every phase of your entrepreneurial expedition. Whether it’s honing your initial concept or expanding your business for scalability, we’re committed to furnishing the assistance and tools required for your triumph.

Engaging in this initiative will not only elevate your personal marketability but also contribute significantly to Rwanda’s overall economic advancement. Our aspiration is bold: to create over 100,000 fresh employment opportunities and nurture the rise of vibrant youth-driven enterprises nationwide.

Who Can Apply?

The program extends its arms to all young Rwandan individuals, regardless of gender or disability status, aged between 18 and 30. Whether your business idea is in its nascent stages or already taking shape, this program promises to propel it to greater heights.

How to Apply for the Tony Elumelu Foundation $3,000 Grant

Embarking on this transformative journey is straightforward:
1. Prepare Your Documents: Ensure you have a valid government-issued ID and any pertinent business-related documents at hand.
2. Navigate to TEFConnect: Visit the online platform dedicated to applications at TEFConnect.
3. Complete the Application Form: Furnish all necessary information diligently, elucidating your business concept with clarity.
4. Submit Your Application: After thorough review, hit submit and await further communication.
With the application deadline set for May 13, 2024, seize this remarkable opportunity without delay. Your entrepreneurial dreams await realization.

click here to apply.

Deadline: May 13th 2024

Crucial Reminders

Program Accessibility: Participation in this program incurs no fees.

Reapplication: If your application isn’t successful initially, don’t lose heart; you’re welcome to reapply.
Further Assistance: For additional guidance or support during the application process, refer to the Tony Elumelu Foundation website or reach out directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I apply if my business idea is still in its infancy, without substantial development?
A: Absolutely! This program caters to entrepreneurs at all stages, including those with fledgling concepts.

Q: What types of businesses does the program seek to support?
A: The program invites a diverse array of innovative business ideas with the potential to generate employment, address societal challenges, and contribute to Rwanda’s economic prosperity.

Q: How can I craft a compelling application?
A: To bolster your application:

Clearly articulate your business idea and its envisaged impact.

Showcase your unwavering passion and dedication to entrepreneurship.

Provide realistic insights into your financial requirements.

Prior to submission, meticulously proofread your application.

Q: What follows the submission of my application?
A: Upon submission, Candidates who have been shortlisted may expect to receive invitations for additional interviews.

Q: When will I receive notification regarding my application status?
A: You will be promptly notified via email upon the selection committee’s decision.
In your quest for entrepreneurial excellence, let the Tony Elumelu Foundation/UNDP Aguka Ideation Entrepreneurship Program be your guiding light. Apply now and embark on a transformative journey toward realizing your business aspirations.

In your quest for entrepreneurial excellence, let the Tony Elumelu Foundation/UNDP Aguka Ideation Entrepreneurship Program be your guiding light. Apply now and embark on a transformative journey toward realizing your business aspirations.
For more information visit the tonyelumelufoundation

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Loans and Grants

Accelerate Your Business: Apply Now for BOI Rapid Empowerment Program Offering Financial Support, Business Advisory Services, and Training to MSMEs”



BOI Rapid Empowerment Program

The Bank of Industry (BOI) has launched a new empowerment initiative known as the Rural Area Program On Investment for Development (RAPID). They are inviting all interested individuals to submit their applications for the program through the provided application link.

What is the RAPID Program?

The Rural Area Program on Investment for Development is a strategic initiative by the Bank of Industry (BOI) designed to promote sustainable development, stimulate job opportunities, and enhance economic empowerment within rural areas across Nigeria. This program offers a comprehensive range of assistance including financial aid, business advisory services, and specialized training programs tailored to support rural entrepreneurs, with a specific focus on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Eligibility for the RAPID Program

Enterprises and Cooperative Societies that are officially registered and operate within rural or economically marginalized regions of Nigeria are eligible to apply for the Program.

Supported Business Types by RAPID

The Program focuses on providing assistance to enterprises engaged in value-adding activities, with exceptions for trading and farming. Supported sectors include manufacturing, agribusiness, processing, and other ventures that contribute to economic diversification, sustainable growth, and job creation within rural communities.

Financial Support Offered by RAPID

Successful applicants of the RAPID Program are eligible to receive a maximum loan of ₦10 million. These funds can be utilized for the acquisition of plants, machinery, and raw materials required for the day-to-day operations of their businesses.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the RAPID financial support, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  •  Completed Application Form
  •  Detailed Business Plan
  •  Acceptable Means of Identification: Bank Verification Number (BVN) and National Identification Number (NIN)
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • Completed Guarantor Forms
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply

The RAPID Program aims to provide much-needed financial assistance to rural entrepreneurs, enabling them to invest in essential assets and resources to grow their businesses. By supporting value-adding activities in sectors such as manufacturing, agribusiness, and processing, RAPID contributes to the economic development and job creation in underserved rural areas of Nigeria.

Is there a Fee for Applying to the Bank of Industry BOI’s Rapid Program?

There is no mention of any application fees for the Bank of Industry’s (BOI) Rural Area Program On Investment for Development (RAPID) in the given search results. The results focus on providing details about the RAPID program itself, such as its purpose, eligibility criteria, and the types of financial support offered, but do not discuss any costs associated with applying to the program.

What is the Purpose of the Bank of Industry BOI’s Rapid Program?

The purpose of the Bank of Industry’s (BOI) Rural Area Program On Investment for Development (RAPID) is to provide financial support to enterprises located in rural and economically disadvantaged areas, fostering sustainable development, job creation, and economic empowerment within these communities. Additionally, the program aims to assist rural communities in tapping into available resources for development and to empower youth and women in rural areas by supporting their businesses.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications for the Rural Area Program On Investment for Development is May 29, 2024.

How to Apply

To apply for the RAPID Program, please click on the following link Apply Now

This link will direct you to the official application portal, where you can access the necessary forms and submit your application.

Remember to carefully review the eligibility criteria and ensure that you have all the required documents ready before starting your application.

These include:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Business Plan
  • Acceptable Means of Identification (BVN and NIN)
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • Completed Guarantor Forms

The Program offers a valuable opportunity for rural entrepreneurs in Nigeria to access financial support, business advisory services, and training programs. By investing in value-adding activities and supporting economic diversification, RAPID aims to foster sustainable development and job creation in underserved rural communities. Don’t miss this chance to apply for the Program before the May 29, 2024 deadline.

Click on the link above to begin your application process today.

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Loans and Grants

Open Call for Impact Grant 2024: Amazing Offer!



Open Call for Impact Grant 2024

About the Impact Grant

The Impact Grant, established by The Supporting Act Foundation, aims to bolster underfunded grassroots arts organizations that adopt a community-driven approach to topics concerning the utilization of arts for social change. This initiative specifically targets organizations collaborating with emerging artists from underrecognized or marginalized backgrounds.

Grounded in comprehensive research into the challenges confronted by emerging artists in Europe and exploring alternative philanthropic methodologies, this grant program underscores the significance of alleviating financial uncertainties for artist-led entities. Such support is deemed crucial for effecting enduring and systemic transformations within the arts domain. Additionally, it serves as a catalyst for fostering political, cultural, and economic shifts, contributing to the development of resilient communities and fostering positive impacts throughout the creative ecosystem.

About The Supporting Act Foundation

The Supporting Act Foundation is an autonomous non-profit entity, established and financially backed by WeTransfer. Our primary objective is to empower innovative artist-led endeavors and nurture the creative growth of emerging artists. We are dedicated to fostering opportunities for marginalized individuals within the arts sector and advocating for intersectional justice for both people and the planet.

For further details, please visit our website at

Application Deadline: May 27, 2024

Now accepting applications for Impact Grants aimed at assisting artist-led grassroots organizations employing community-driven strategies to harness the power of the arts for social transformation. Priority is given to initiatives providing assistance to emerging artists from marginalized communities.


To provide support for essential operational expenses and any other critical costs necessary for the successful execution of activities.

What’s Available at Impact Grant ?

They’re providing 12 unrestricted grants of €25,000 per year, distributed over a two-year term starting from September 2024, totaling €50,000 per organization. There are no limitations on how the grant funds can be utilized, aiming to cover essential operational expenses such as salaries, as well as other critical costs necessary for organizational development.

Additionally, they offer non-financial assistance in the form of networking opportunities and social media exposure. This includes access to a peer network and promotion via the advertising/editorial platforms of the funding partner, WeTransfer. This support facilitates connections with other organizations addressing similar issues or serving similar communities across different countries.

How to Apply

After reviewing this guide and confirming your eligibility, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Impact Grant program page and click on the Apply button. This will redirect you to our online application platform, Submittable. Log in or create an account if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Complete the eligibility questionnaire provided (you can view all the questions below). Only eligible applicants will proceed to the application form.

Step 3: Fill out the application form in its entirety (you can access the full form below). You can save your progress at any time by selecting “Save Draft” located at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Once your application is finalized, click the Submit button. You will receive an automatic confirmation email and subsequent notifications from Please ensure to add this email address to your contacts to prevent these notifications from being filtered into your spam folder.

Please note that once your application is submitted, you will not be able to make any further changes.

This open call does not apply to individuals, commercial organizations, ongoing projects or project proposals, or current or past grantees of The Supporting Act Foundation.

Note for previous applicants: If you have applied in the past without success, you may reapply this year provided that your organization meets all eligibility criteria.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Before initiating your application process, please ensure that your organization meets the following criteria. If chosen for a grant, we will require documentation to verify that the organization you represent:

  1. Is led by individuals who self-identify as artists.
  2. Demonstrates a clear commitment to utilizing arts for social change.
  3. Is registered as a non-profit organization in the Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, or Italy, between 2019 and 2023. a. Note: Organizations registered as non-profit entities in other countries may also apply if they can furnish a letter of intent from a fiscal sponsor registered as a non-profit in one of the aforementioned countries.
  4. Can furnish a bank account number in the name of the organization or a fiscal sponsor in one of the countries listed above.
  5. Operates with a total annual budget not exceeding €125,000 (or its equivalent in local currency) in the current year (2024).
  6. Is experiencing clear underfunding, which signifies a disparity between its operating costs and confirmed income of at least 20% of its annual budget.
  7. Can provide publicly available evidence of at least one project showcasing a clear approach to community engagement in topics related to the utilization of arts for social change during 2023.

This open call does not extend to individuals, commercial organizations, ongoing projects or project proposals, or current or previous grantees of The Supporting Act Foundation.

Eligibility Questionnaire

Below are the questions you will encounter in the eligibility questionnaire on Submittable. Please ensure that the organization you represent meets the following criteria before submitting your application. Note that applications must be in English, and we understand that English may not be the first language of the applicant.

  1. Is the organization led by artists?
  2. Does the organization utilize arts for social change?
  3. Is the organization registered as a non-profit in one of the following countries: the Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, or applying through a fiscal sponsor registered in these countries?
  4. Was the organization registered as a non-profit between 2019 and 2023?
  5. Does the organization or its fiscal sponsor have a bank account under its name in one of the above-mentioned countries?
  6. Is the organization operating with a total annual budget not exceeding €125,000 (or its equivalent in local currency) in the current year (2024)?
  7. Is the organization currently underfunded, meaning its confirmed funding for 2024 is not adequate for its operating costs?
  8. Did the organization execute at least one project with clear community engagement during 2023?
To apply, click here
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