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Apply for Darwin Initiative Main Grants: Unlock Funding Opportunities!



Apply for Darwin Initiative Main Grants

The Darwin Initiative is currently accepting applications for its Main Grants, which aim to deliver significant results for biodiversity conservation and multidimensional poverty reduction.

To be considered, projects must be based on robust evidence and demonstrate the potential for scaling up their impact. The deadline for submitting applications is 8 July 2024.

Key Elements of Successful Darwin Initiative Projects

Successful Darwin Initiative projects, regardless of the specific funding scheme, are likely to include the following key elements:

  1. Delivering outputs that achieve both biodiversity conservation and multidimensional poverty reduction
  2. Demonstrating an understanding of gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) within their context, and effectively reflecting this in their approach to deliver sustained outcomes
  3. Enhancing the capability and capacity of national and local partners and stakeholders, to help ensure a project’s long-term legacy
  4. Strengthening, promoting and using evidence to inform and scale the action
  5. Implementing a novel or significantly improved approach
  6. Proposing scalable approaches that have the potential to deliver greater impact

Funding Information

Darwin Initiative Main Grants range from £100,000 to £800,000, with an average maximum of £200,000 per year. These grants are designed to achieve significant outcomes in biodiversity conservation and multidimensional poverty reduction, supported by robust evidence, and demonstrate strong potential for scaling.


Projects should span between 1 to 5 years, commencing on or after April 1, 2025 (but before September 30, 2025), and must be completed by March 31, 2030.

Scoring Criteria

Technical, Biodiversity, and Poverty Reduction

Assessors recognize the distinct differences between the two stages of the application process, particularly in the supporting evidence (e.g., CVs are not required at Stage 1).

  • Stage 1: Assessors seek applicants and proposals with the potential to develop into a competitive submission for Stage 2.
  • Stage 2: Assessors look for proposals that are innovative and unique, with a high likelihood of delivering sustainable benefits and a scalable approach.

Capability and capacity-building activities should be integral to the approach, ensuring the long-term impact and legacy of the grant.

Eligibility Criteria

Applications must be submitted by the Lead Organization, not an individual, which agrees to the Terms and Conditions, including managing the grant, its finances, reporting, and governance. Foreign governments and their agencies cannot serve as Lead Organisations, though they can participate as partners; UK government agencies can serve as Lead Organisations or partners.

Lead Organisations can be based anywhere, but projects with in-country Lead Organisations are strongly encouraged.

The maximum annual value of funds requested should not exceed 25% of the Lead Organisation’s average annual turnover/income for the previous three years.

All projects must be led by or partner with local/national organisations in the country or countries where the project is based, ensuring meaningful and early engagement with in-country stakeholders.

The Darwin Initiative is entirely Official Development Assistance (ODA) funded, so projects must primarily promote the economic development and welfare of eligible countries.

The Darwin Initiative mainly focuses on Low Income and Lower Middle-Income countries, with at least 70% of funding allocated to these countries. Upper Middle-Income Countries (UMICs) are eligible but must clearly demonstrate a stronger case for support.

This includes operating in areas of high importance for biodiversity and a clear poverty reduction need. UMIC applications must clearly demonstrate that they will:

– Advance knowledge, evidence, and impact in Least Developed or Low-Income Countries, or
– Contribute to a global public good by advancing understanding and/or strengthening the knowledge base related to biodiversity conservation/sustainable use and poverty reduction, or
– Contribute to significant advancements on a critical issue due to the specific circumstances of the UMIC that could not be made elsewhere.

For more information, visit the Darwin Initiative website

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Loans and Grants

Ignite Your Vision: Apply for the Life-Changing Giving Joy Grant for Women Entrepreneurs!



Life-Changing Giving Joy Grant for Women Entrepreneurs!

The Giving Joy Grant Program for Women: Now Accepting Applications

The Giving Joy Grant Program is inviting applications for grants aimed at supporting initiatives led by women. These grants provide essential resources to female entrepreneurs, helping them launch businesses, develop skills, maintain operations, or enhance their ideas on a global scale.

Impact and Benefits

The positive impacts of these small grants ripple through communities, enhancing abilities, broadening resource availability, and generating employment and revenue. The initiatives funded by the grants result in more opportunities and support for all those affected by the recipient’s project.

Giving Joy Grant Requirements

  • Proposed grant activities must have social benefits for the community beyond financial aspects.
  • Greater social impact increases the chances of grant approval.
  • Funds will not support merchandise, stock, advertisements, or personal marketing.
  • Specificity is crucial in detailing fund usage (e.g., event, training). Include estimated costs, event specifics, target audience, and benefits for women, girls, and families.
  • Provide qualitative impact information, such as training for 10 women who each train 10 more, benefiting 20 families and 50 children.

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline: September 30, 2024

How to Apply

Scroll down and click on the attached application link to apply. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference in your community and beyond.

Additional Information

  • Host Institution: Giving Joy
  • Program Type: Fully Funded
  • Program Benefits: Giving Joy will notify applicants individually via email regarding their application status. Grants, ranging from $250 to $500, will be disbursed gradually upon fulfilling specific tasks. The grant amount will be determined by Giving Joy, taking into account proposed activities and available finances. Recipients will convene with Giving Joy to go over grant terms, agreements, deliverables, and guidelines. After signing the grant agreement, recipients will have a six-month period to carry out their proposed projects.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Women aged 18 and above are eligible to apply.
  • Grant applications are open to individuals from any country, state, or territory worldwide.
  • Proposed activities can span various fields, trades, occupations, or crafts but must center around women, girls, and/or families. All activities must adhere to legal standards.
  • Each applicant may apply only once per cycle. Once granted, applicants are ineligible for future applications. However, those who do not receive a grant may reapply in subsequent cycles.

Eligible Countries

  • All Countries

Official Link

Apply Here

Apply now and bring your vision to life with the support of the Giving Joy Grant Program!

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Apply Now: Youthtown Grant Program 2024 to Empower Young New Zealanders



Call for Applications: Youthtown Grant Program (New Zealand)

Youthtown Grant Program: Application Deadline June 30, 2024

Applications are now open for the Youthtown Grant Program, aimed at helping young people raise their aspirations, realize their potential, and gain recognition for their achievements.

Youthtown is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young New Zealanders to be their best. They design and deliver initiatives that engage and develop youth across the country.

Youthtown Grant Program Funding Information

  • Grant Limits: Only one successful grant application per organization each year, unless exceptions are made by the Grants Committee (for grants up to $50,000) or the Board (for grants over $50,000). Local or regional bodies can apply even if the national organization has received a grant.
  • Evidence Requirement: Grants over $50,000 may require proof of community benefit.

What They Fund

Grants must align with Youthtown Inc.’s authorized purposes, including:

  • Youthtown Programs and Facilities: Development and operation.
  • Amateur Youth Sports: Encouragement and development of sports and facilities within legally constituted sporting organizations.
  • Youth Outdoor and Cultural Activities: Programs and facilities (including art, music, and drama) within legally constituted community organizations.
  • Community-Based Organizations: Financial support for those providing direct or indirect benefits to youth.
  • Charitable or Non-Commercial Purposes: Any purpose beneficial to the community or a section of it.

What They Do Not Fund

  • Retrospective Expenditure: Payments made before the application is considered.
  • Commercial Ventures: Projects where a Youthtown Inc. venue benefits commercially.
  • Private, Commercial, or Political Purposes.
  • Pre-Funded Projects: Projects already funded by another source.
  • Multi-Year Grants.
  • Fundraising Activities/Ventures.
  • Professional Sports: Including non-affiliated or social sports clubs or teams.
  • Affiliation Fees, Memberships, or Subscriptions.
  • Prizes: Cash or non-cash.
  • Food/Meals/Catering.
  • Horse-Racing Industry.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Not-for-Profit Status: Groups must be incorporated as charitable organizations or associations promoting charitable purposes.
  • Regional and Community Groups: Incorporated not-for-profit groups in areas where funds were generated.
  • Amateur Sports Organizations: Incorporated regional or community groups affiliated with a recognized national body.
  • National Organizations: Incorporated entities that demonstrate regional and community benefits from the grant.

For more information, visit Youthtown Trust.

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Exciting Opportunity: Apply Now for the 2024 Agri-Food Development Program for African Agri-Food Companies



Call for Applications: Agri-Food Development Program 2024 for agri-food companies in Africa.

The Africa Agri-Food Development Programme (AADP) offers grant money to support Irish and African agri-food companies as they investigate market prospects and establish partnerships within Africa’s agricultural and food industries.

To be eligible for the Africa Agri-Food Development Programme (AADP), applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Company Eligibility: The applicant must be a registered and incorporated agri-food company in Ireland or one of the 18 eligible African countries for at least 12 months prior to the AADP application period.
  2. Project Focus: The proposed project must be commercially driven and focused on contributing to the sustainable development of the food system in the selected African country(ies). The project should align with relevant Sustainable Development Goals where possible.
  3. Governance and Financial Management: The partners involved must have appropriate governance and financial management systems in place.
  4. Application Requirements: In addition to the relevant application form, applicants must provide the following documentation:
    • Financial Information: At least one year of audited accounts.
    • Company and Tax Information: Relevant company and tax documentation.
    • Project Flow of Funds: An account of the project-related flow of funds.
    • Background Contracts and MOUs: Any existing background contracts and Memoranda of Understanding.
    • Additional Documentation: Any other relevant documentation agreed upon with partners.
  5. Partnership Requirements: For full projects, the partners must include at least one Irish registered agri-food company and one local commercial entity in Africa.

Additional Eligibility Criteria

  1. Team Experience: Applicants for ‘full projects’ must demonstrate that their team has at least 3 years of experience in the relevant agri-food sector and development context.
  2. Partnership Outline: The application must clearly explain how the two distinct companies will enter into an equitable and ethical partnership.
  3. Feasibility Study Partners: If an applicant company proposes to undertake a feasibility study, it should include a list of any potential partners within the application.

How to Apply for The Agri-Food Development Program

To apply for the AADP, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the official AADP application form, providing the required information and documentation, including:
    • At least one year of audited accounts
    • Company and tax information
    • Details on the project-related “flow of funds”
    • Background contracts and Memoranda of Understanding
    • Information on the partners involved (at least one Irish registered agri-food company and one local commercial entity in Africa for ‘full projects’)
    • A clear explanation of the project objectives and expected outcomes
  2. Submit the Application: Submit the completed application form along with any additional required documentation.

The application form can be found on the AADP website or by contacting the program administrators.

Application Timeline

The Africa Agri-Food Development Programme (AADP) accepts applications annually. To ensure timely consideration, please submit your application through the official AADP application form.

Application Form

You can download the application form for both full projects and feasibility studies below. Please return the completed application form to by the deadline, which is the close of business on Friday, 5 July 2024.

Important Dates

  • Deadline5 August 2024
  • Application Period: Monitor this website and the department’s social media accounts for updates.

How to Apply

Click here to access the application form and submit your application.

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